Russia: Updated Import Customs Regulations into Russian Federation (EAC logo)

To ensure quality and safety of products entering the Russian Federation, Eurasian Customs Union authorities have implemented various regulations with the objective to ensure proper quality assessment of products before they reach the Union market (free trade area formed by the Russian Federation, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan). The assessment procedures are followed by awarding a certificate document which is thereafter also required to be shown to Russian Customs; otherwise the product will be blocked for entry.

Besides the certification, one of the most visible aspects showing that the product has withstood the mandatory assessment is the EAC logo (see below). The EAC logo is to be affix on the product or on its packaging and on the documentation of the product itself. It must be visible by the customer and customs authorities at the moment of the purchase or importation (when customs clearance of the product takes place).

Although the implementation of the new EAC marking regime started in 2011, the controlling activities whereby the visibility of EAC symbol is checked by customs has not been enforced. Early 2017, Russian Customs introduced physical inspection of the shipments to control compliance with EAC marking regime. As a result, every product having no EAC logo is being banned for importation resulting in additional storage and/or re-export costs plus penalties. 

Please note, that DHL Global Forwarding U.S. will not accept any goods for transportation to Russia that do not have the EAC logo present on it. DHL Global Forwarding also does not offer any service to put the EAC logo on the product upon its arrival. 

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