Australia: Additional Screening Process AU originating shipments or via AU inbound to the U.S.

Recently, numerous customer generated inquiries have been received requesting guidance concerning the recent TSA security requirement that has gone into effect for inbound air cargo to the U.S. The security requirement in question has an effective date of July 1, 2017. In response to this information, the DHL Global Forwarding Office of Security and Operational Resilience, Americas has initiated appropriate inquiries with TSA headquarters. These inquiries have determined that the new TSA security requirements beginning July 1 relate to the Aircraft Operators Standard Security Program (AOSSP) and not the Indirect Air Carrier Standard Security Program (IACSSP) that pertains to DHL Global Forwarding activities.

Additionally, due to TSA imposed Sensitive Security Information (SSI) restrictions; DHL Global Forwarding is not able to review the AOSSP requirements that have taken place July 1. DHL Global Forwarding is consequently unable to provide any information on this requirement as only the impacted aircraft operators are cleared to do that and only on a need-to know basis. Any specific questions regarding the July 1 requirements can also be posed by customers directly to TSA.

These changes mean that all air cargo being transported with destination within the U.S. must either be examined at piece level (box, carton, pallet or another deconsolidated form of cargo) or originate from a known consignor.

Exporters have two options for meeting these requirements:

• Use an Australian government-approved freight agent who can examine your U.S.-bound air cargo

• Become approved as a known consignor, so you can secure air cargo originating from your business

DHL Global Forwarding Australia has contracted with an approved agent to arrange the screening of cargo on our customers’ behalf. Additional costs will be applied to screen cargo received from an ‘Unknown’ Consignor of Min AUD 25.00 or AUD 0.12 per kilo; on the full chargeable weight on all U.S. bound shipments originating from Australia (including any shipment transhipping via Australia to the U.S.). Additional break down fees may be applied if cargo must be broken down to allow for lower level piece screening.

This additional cost may be borne by either the Australian Shipper or U.S. consignee dependant on shipment terms. For more information on the new requirement, click here.