Creative Minds Are Invited to Submit Their Ideas for Innovation Challenges 2017

In March 2017, DHL launched its second Innovation Challenges and is calling students, start-ups and inventors worldwide to submit their ideas for two logistics-related challenges. Participants are invited to either develop a prototype of a mobile piece picking robot or develop a solution to a logistics problem using a sharing economy business model, platform or concept. Participants have until September to submit a written document and video explaining their idea until through the competition’s website.

Senior DHL executives will review all entries in a pre-selection process. There will be three finalists of each challenge, whose concepts meet the criteria of functionality, aesthetics, potential to solve the given problem and commercial feasibility. The nominees will present their solutions in front of 180 senior supply chain professionals and trend experts at the DHL Innovation Day in Germany on November 16.

Winners will be selected in a live-voting process where the two top scorers receive the prize money and will have their concepts displayed at the DHL Innovation Centers in Germany and Singapore. They will also have the opportunity to develop proof-of-concepts with DHL.

Robotics Challenge: Develop a Prototype of a Mobile Piece Picking Robot

This year’s robotics challenge asks start-ups and budding engineers at creating a prototype of a mobile piece picking robot which can navigate through traditional warehouse rack systems and autonomously pick items into a cart. 

“We estimate that the implementation of robotics will be the norm in the industry within less than five years.” says Matthias Heutger, Senior Vice President Strategy, Marketing & Innovation, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation. 

Sharing Economy Challenge: Rethinking Access and Ownership to Create Logistics Solutions for the World of Tomorrow

The second pillar involves ideas or solutions that may leverage a sharing economy business model and challenge conventional concepts of asset ownership and access. The submitted product or service solution should aim to create value for all stakeholders – businesses as well as the society – due to new and innovative logistics-based business models.

DHL Innovation Day will be held for the eighth time on November 16, fostering visionary thought leadership and getting inventors involved in the future of logistics. Click here to read the full article. 

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