Webcast on how ACE impacts APHIS importers: Free Customer Webcast: April 27, 2017 at 2:00 Pm Edt)

With the capabilities of U.S. Customs’ new system (ACE), various government agencies have been amending how information and documents are submitted in association with importations. The Animal Plant & Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is one of these agencies and it is important for importers of products subject to APHIS oversight to understand what that means to them and what changes they must make in their import declaration process.  

In this FREE 45 minute webcast, William Braier, DHL Global Forwarding Consultant, will outline how APHIS declarations must be made by importers in the ACE environment. The focus of this introductory webcast is to raise general awareness, provide valuable resource information and act as a precursor for more in-depth training.

Topics include:

-Quick ACE Overview
-APHIS requirements in ACE
-Understanding Subject vs. May be Subject
-Importer Action Plan

Speaker: William Braier, DHL Global Forwarding Regulatory & Compliance Consulting
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