China, Hong Kong & Taiwan Announce Reinstatement of Fuel Surcharge (FSC)

Jet fuel prices have increased greatly, by almost 80% from January 2016 to January 2017. This has had a significant impact on the aviation industry, particularly the air cargo market, which largely operates on a long-term contract basis. The U.S. Energy Information Administration expects the Jet Fuel Price to further increase in 2017. In response to that, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan have reinstated a separate Fuel Surcharge (FSC). As such, DHL Global Forwarding as well as its customers will be impacted by the increased Jet Fuel Price. 

Origins impacted: 

  • Taiwan origins: effective Mar 10, FSC will be up to TWD 21/kg.
  • Hong Kong origins: effective Apr 1, FSC will be HKD 0.70/kg.
  • China origins: effective Apr 1, FSC will be CNY 0.70/kg.

What does this mean for the rates from these origins:

  • If your rate contains a separate Fuel Surcharge already, we will raise the FSC to the new level
  • If your rate is on "all-in level" we will break out the Fuel Surcharge originally included in your rate and will adjust it to the new level  

DHL Global Forwarding is committed to keeping our customers informed of changes in the industry that could impact their business. Your ongoing support is highly appreciated and we thank you for your cooperation in advance. Please contact your local sales representative for more details. 

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