Certificate of Origin for Exporting to Israel No Longer Required

As of January 10, 2018, Israel and the U.S. removed the requirement for a Certificate of Origin (aka the "Green Form"), for exporting to Israel. The Certificate of Origin for Exporting to Israel is being replaced with a declaration completed by the producer or exporter. This declaration must be embedded in the invoice, packing list or on any other commercial document stating product description and quantity. A transition period allowing exporters to change their document requirements extends until March 31, 2018.

If you export to Israel and want your products to qualify for tariff preferences, as well as gain a duty-free exemption when imported to Israel, please read the following.

Please note:

  • It is the shipper’s/seller’s responsibility to have this declaration on their commercial document(s). The forwarder must not put the declaration on the commercial document(s).
  • Despite no “U.S.-made percentage” indicator on the declaration, the rules of origin (including the 35 percent rule) still stand. It is your responsibility to prove the origin if/when asked by Israeli customs.
  • Shipper's/producer's details: it is mandatory to include tax identification, name, title, email address and signature on the declaration. Missing one of these will invalidate the declaration.
  • An invoice with mixed products—some made in the U.S. and some in other countries—must include a clear mark next to each item line that shows whether it is or is not a U.S.-made product.
  • Any corrections or amendments made on the declaration must be confirmed by your stamp and signature.
  • A declaration will only be valid if embedded in a commercial document, such as an invoice, packing list or anything showing product description and quantities (any other format, including email, stamp or sticker, is not valid).
  • Up until March 31, 2018, both the Green Israel Certificate of Origin and the new declaration may be used.
  • A declaration will only be valid if the following ‘fixed text’ is used (word-for-word; any other variation will not be accepted). 

Note on Imports into the Unites States from Israel Claiming ILFTA

Until this recent agreement of reciprocity for declarations, the requirement for a signed paper Form A was only for exports to Israel. There was no similar requirement for imports into the U.S. This has caused some confusion.

DHL Global Forwarding customers often provide the Country of Origin forms on their imports into the U.S. as a way to instruct their broker to make the ILFTA claim on their entry. As exporters and importers discontinue supplying the forms, it is important they now provide the ILFTA invoice declaration to ensure the Customs broker will know to make the FTA claim for them.

No documentation is required for imports to U.S. to be in the importer's possession at the time of an ILFTA preferential claim. Per General Note 3 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS GN 3) an article is eligible for the duty exemption only if: (A) the importer certifies that the article meets the conditions for the duty exemption; and (B) when requested by Customs , the importer, manufacturer or exporter submits a declaration setting forth all pertinent information with respect to the article.

For an Israel FTA summary, please click here. For HTSUS GN 3, please click here.

If you have any questions on the above subjects, please contact your DHL Global Forwarding representative or Contact Us