Enable Your Business Globally With Our International Shopping Cart Solution

DHL ICart is your international shopping cart solution from DHL eCommerce. This best-in-class software provides the fully landed delivery cost in your customer’s preferred currency with all duties, taxes and shipping costs included. That means no surprises for your international customers. For your business, DHL ICart eliminates hurdles typically associated with international transactions such as complex logistics and costly capital investments.

DHL ICart integrates three core components of international transactions to create a seamless order process for you and your customers:

  • Shipping — Reliable free domicile delivery to key markets with end-to-end tracking visibility
  • Data — Fully landed cost calculator with country restrictions and guaranteed duties and taxes
  • Payment Engine — Multi-currency pricing with fraud protection


Simple Integration

The DHL ICart Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) package is pre-integrated with several leading web platforms, including Demandware, Oracle (ATG), Magento and WebSphere.



A domestic-like transaction for the merchant and a localized shopping experience for the international customer

  • Multi-currency payment process with more than 200 payment options
  • Home currency shopping with competitive foreign exchange rates
  • ICart assumes the “Merchant of Record” risk
  • Real-time duty and tax calculations—for both you and your customers
  • Merchant retains full control of foreign market product prices, branding and consumer analytics