DHL Trend Research has launched their latest trend report, titled “Self-Driving Vehicles in Logistics”, which takes readers on a journey of discovery, highlighting the key elements and incredible potential of autonomous technologies. The report sheds light on various best-practice applications of self-driving vehicles in various industries today, and also reveals a detailed look into the use cases of self-driving vehicles across the entire logistics value chain.

Applications for Self-driving Vehicles That Are Discussed in the Report Include:

  • Warehousing operations
  • Outdoor logistics operations
  • Line haul transportation
  • Last-mile delivery

Sit Back, Buckle Up, and Enjoy This Trend Report!

There is no doubt that self-driving vehicles will change the world of logistics, as well as many aspects of our personal and business lives. The question is no longer “if” but rather “when” autonomous vehicles will appear on our streets and highways and DHL is ready to take a front seat on this journey. Together with our partners and customers, we plan to be an innovative forerunner in the world of self-driving vehicles.

DHL warmly invites you to visit the DHL Innovation Center in Germany which showcases proven autonomous technologies. Please come and discuss your needs and joint development opportunities with us.

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