Always fully stocked on Wednesdays? No one in place to receive on Monday? Now you can decide when deliveries will arrive. We call it Fixed Delivery Day (FDD) *. This means you can leave the goods on our terminals for up to five days in addition to the regular delivery date.

We are constantly working to improve the services for you as a customer. If you book DHL Freight Euroconnect for a piece, we now offer the option Fixed Delivery Day (FDD) on all freight services. The new option gives you greater flexibility and better control over your deliveries. If you want to keep the goods at the terminal and receive them when it suits you, choose Fixed Delivery Day.

How does Fixed Delivery Day work?

Your goods are collected as usual and transported to the destination via our terminals. The option allows you to store your goods in our network up to 1-5 days in addition to the regular lead time. FDD thus facilitates planning for your company during the production process or if there is a lack of storage capacity and we adjust delivery date according to your needs for delivery to get the perfect timing.

How do I book Fixed Delivery Day?

You can order the Fixed Delivery Day option via your TA system at the time of booking. Here you choose a pickup date and the delivery date that suits you best. 

* In some booking systems, it is called in Swedish, Ordered Delivery Date