The World’s Fastest Logistics Race

Few sports conjure up the heady mix of speed, glamour and verve as intensively as Formula 1 – the world’s premier motorsports series. Since its inaugural race in 1950, the allure of seeing the most highly skilled drivers in the world reach record-breaking speeds has thrilled fans across the globe, from Britain to Bahrain and from Mexico to Malaysia.

Behind the glamour and va-va-voom, thousands of experts help to make it all possible, including the DHL Motorsports team. 

As Official Logistics Partner of Formula 1, DHL draws on over 35 years’ experience handling complex, time-critical, international motorsports logistics.

In the countdown to each race, we criss-cross the globe enabling not only the delivery of the precious cars themselves but thousands of litres of fuel as well as essential event equipment and infrastructure. The Formula 1 freight travels by land, sea and air, filling no less than six Boeing 747 cargo planes for each so called “fly-away” race outside of Europe, where most of the teams are still based.

As Formula 1’s popularity has spread around the world, the Championship is travelling ever further afield. Whereas in its early days races mainly took place in Europe, the number of non-European races has doubled over the last 15 years. Formula 1 fans can now experience the thrill of a Grand Prix in countries including China, Singapore, Azerbaijan and Abu Dhabi.

The 2017 FIA Formula One World Championship sees 20 world-class drivers competing to defy the speed barriers over 20 races, covering no less than 5 continents in 9 months. A phenomenal challenge of skill, planning and logistics for the tireless motorsport teams!

DHL Fastest Lap and DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award

Whether it’s on the track itself or on the journey from one race to another, speed is what matters most. In recognition of this, DHL launched two awards championing speed in both the F1 drivers themselves and their supporting teams.

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