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DHL Freight regularly evaluates the level of surcharges related to road freight transports. From this page you will find latest information over valid surcharges.

  • For customers billed in EUR

    On the 15th of each month, we will use the exchange rate published by European Central Bank to determine the CAF for the following month.

    To allow for a foreign currency to float freely against the Euro, DHL Freight applies a currency adjustment factor for certain countries.

    This involves import and export shipments to 2,500 kg (payable weight). As an average approximately 50% of our exposure is in local currency, with the remainder of our exposure is in Euros.

  • Rates for transit from and to The Netherlands

    • France +2,85 %
    • Portugal +2,85 %
    • Spain 2.85 &
    • Transport from and to Belgium 4.45 %


    Given the fact that this involves a government levy, we will indicate this surcharge separately on the invoice.

    From on April 1st of 2016, Belgium will be imposing a kilometer levy for freight vehicles over 3.5 tons.

    This measure will be applied on highways and certain regional and local roads. Based on a simulation provided by the Institute of Transport and Logistics Belgium (ITLB), DHL Freight was able to calculate the impact of this toll, charged at our expense. These surcharges have already taken into account the disappearance of the Euro vignette in Belgium alone and a decrease in road tax.


    DHL has analysed the different levies per shipping company and route for SECA zone shipments and determined the following surcharges:

    • Sweden 2,10 %
    • Finland 4,60 %
    • Norway 0,75 %
    • Estonia 2,50 %
    • UK & Ireland 2,00 %

    From 1 January 2015 the EU Sulphur Directive 2012/33/EU became effective. This Directive which is based on Annex VI of the International Maritime Organisation’s Marine Pollution Convention (Marpol), provides specific rules for the SECA (Sulphur Emission Control Areas) zone being the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the English Channel. 

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