Press Release: Taipei 05/08/2017

The new investment will boost service levels and customer support for Greater Taichung region

DHL Global Forwarding, the leading international provider of air, sea and road freight services, is investing over NT33 million (€1 million) in its new office in Taichung as part of its ongoing investment in supporting Taiwan’s high-growth export and import industries.

Currently, over 40% of factories in Taiwan are located in the Greater Taichung area. With the establishment of 20 advanced industrial parks in Greater Taichung, including Changhua, Miaoli, Nantou and Yunlin, the office will support the logistics needs of local industries such as machinery, auto parts, metallic products, bicycles and sporting goods that dominate Taichung.

“With its exports growing extremely rapidly in recent times,¹ Taiwan’s growth appears to have regained its economic stride² and shows little sign of losing momentum,” said Steve Huang, CEO, DHL Global Forwarding Greater China. “As the country’s second-largest port, Taichung plays a pivotal role in maintaining that growth, particularly as its dominant industries benefit from relatively stable demand amidst global volatility.”

“Taiwan continues to be a strategic location for our logistics network, and this latest investment will further raise the quality of service that our industrial customers, particularly in the fastgrowing manufacturing sectors, can rely on to continue growing globally.”

The new office will focus on servicing DHL Global Forwarding’s ocean freight, air freight and multimodal transportation customers operating out of Greater Taichung region, enabling them to take advantage of the city’s fast-growing industrial zones and labor conditions.

Since 2015, DHL Global Forwarding has been offering its pioneering multimodal solution which uses a combination of trucking, sea and rail solutions to move cargo from Taichung, Taiwan into DHL Global Forwarding China’s rail freight solution. A true door-to-door service, the seamless scheduled service connects the over 10,000 Taiwan-funded export-oriented enterprises in Taichung to Europe via major seaports in China, with the reassurance of high security and last mile delivery by truck or rail. From Europe, the multimodal service is also available via rail through mainland China and sea to Taiwan for import shipments.

“Taichung’s economic growth and employment prospects continue to make it attractive to businesses and talent alike,³ particularly as Taiwan puts greater emphasis on turning the city into a hotspot for high-tech industrial development,4” said Kenny Mok, Managing Director, DHL Global Forwarding Taiwan. “This new office will ensure that businesses seeking to capitalize on Taichung’s opportunities will have the same access to DHL’s high-quality logistics services as they do anywhere else in Taiwan and indeed the Greater China region.”

The new office will service the Greater Taichung region including the cities of Changhua, Miaoli, Nantou, Taichung and Yunlin.
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