Food logistics – how produce moves from farm to consumer – is not well-known by the public. These behind-the-scenes steps are vital to ensure quality, safety and traceability in a global food supply.

At dawn on Evaldo da Costa Mello’s citrus farm in Paranapuã, a small town within the São Paulo region of Brazil, you can see the fields overflowing with citrus trees. Hanging from these trees, under thick green leaves, await the multi-colored jewels that ripened overnight: Chinese Honey Oranges, Indian Sweet Limes, Sweet Oranges, Sour Oranges and even Papaya. From 7:00 am until 5:00 pm, workers pick the newly fresh fruit in the scented fields, relying on their well-trained eyes for quality assurance. After harvesting, sorting, storing and packaging, da Costa Mello’s farm sends out 20 million kilograms of this colorful bounty during the year.