The Trend Research Team of DHL Customer Solutions and Innovation has recently launched a new trend report, entitled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Logistics to take a fully grounded look at the role of these devices in our near-future. It deals with current capabilities and circumstances, exploring the positive potential as well as the existing limitations of UAVs.

Flight of Fancy or a Fascinating New Feature of Modern Living?

Recent worldwide media attention has put unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in the spotlight. The key question that needs to be answered is: Is this just a hype or are there substantial benefits that this new technology can bring to the logistics industry. Three impacts are at work here – technological capability, regulatory pressure, and public acceptance – and this report highlights the interplay between all three in current applications drawn from various sectors, including the logistics industry. In exploring such an intriguing topic, this report is likely to raise issues and questions for many readers. This latest trend report explores different potential applications in logistics and gives an indication how feasible the different use cases are on the horizon of the next 5-10 years.

Applications That Are Discussed Include:

  • Urban First and Last Mile Delivery
  • Rural Delivery
  • Surveillance of Logistic Infrastructures
  • Use for Intralogistics

DHL warmly invites you to visit the DHL Innovation Center in Germany which showcases proven UAV technologies. Please come and discuss your needs and joint development opportunities with us.

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