Primed by scenarios from science fiction, as well as by hype and wild speculation from the world’s media, we have for many decades anticipated the era of robotics.

We are concerned that robots may steal our jobs and spy on us. We imagine that they will arrive not in ones and twos but in vast armies ready to alter forever life as we know it. The reality is, of course, quite different. Exciting as it is, robotics technology seems to be arriving slowly but surely in cautious and well-considered stages.

In this report, we examine the current state of robotics and automation in the logistics industry and offer a visionary outlook of how our supply chains will be transformed and improved by this emerging technology trend.

You Will Extend Your Understanding of Collaborative Robotics with Particular Insights in the Following Areas:

  • Understanding robotics in logistics – why is the time right to start investigating?
  • Which leading technology trends are enabling robotics solutions in logistics?
  • What are some of the potential use cases in the near future?
  • How could robots change the world of logistics in the far future?

This report will prepare you for a new era of advanced robots in logistics, and we hope it will ignite your excitement for the future. Enjoy the read!

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