The latest trend report by the DHL Trend Research team focuses on the exciting and emerging trend of Augmented Reality in Logistics. The report aims to go beyond the recent media hype in order to deepen your understanding of Augmented Reality and raise awareness for the potential applications in the logistics industry.

This trend has been derived from our highly acclaimed Logistics Trend Radar – a dynamic, living document designed to help us and our customers leverage trends, derive new strategies and develop more powerful projects and innovations.

From Digital Gimmickry to Revolutionizing Business?

From science fiction to real-life industry applications, Augmented Reality harnesses the potential to enrich our real environment by overlaying context specific computer-generated information to our line of sight. Although still in its infancy, Augmented Reality could eventually empower everything ranging from our everyday purchasing decisions, to vehicle repairs and in logistics, picking by vision in warehouses.

Augmented Reality in Logistics Intends to Answer the Key Questions:

  • What is Augmented Reality all about?
  • How far has this technology developed; are there some examples of best practice?
  • What are the implications for Augmented Reality in the logistics industry?

The report is supported with numerous examples of best practice from other industries as well as potential use cases illustrating how Augmented Reality could play a role in the complete logistics value chain. We hope that the report sparks enthusiasm and active interest for Augmented Reality.

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