50 years of DHL - Special Issue

Commerce on a global scale: How have major industries developed over 50 years?

DHL’s first customers came from industries that have changed radically over the past 50 years, changing the world in the process.

A changing business in a changing world

In half a century, DHL has grown from an idea into a leading global logistics company. The world it serves looks very different too.

Living on Mars and travelling in vacuum tubes? What the next 50 years may bring

Predicting the future is never easy. If DHL’s first 50 years have shown anything, it’s that the world changes fast and in unexpected ways.

What the future holds – predictions made in 1999 and 2019

For DHL’s 50th anniversary, Delivered. has curated a selection of predictions for the future and revisited forecasts from the past.

Meeting of minds: A global CEO and a young employee discuss discuss business, technology and life

DHL’s first customers came from industries that have changed radically over the past 50 years, changing the world in the process.

Blazing a trail: Meet pioneers, innovators and everyday heroes across the ages

The founders of DHL were pioneers who changed the logistics industry. Here are 50 other innovators who helped make a difference to the world – in either small or significant ways.

Where next for the DHL shipments?

Where next for DHL shipments? How about the moon? Meet the Peregrine Lander, a new spacecraft vehicle set to deliver cargo to the moon in 2021. 

World views: Business leaders share insights on logistics and trade across the decades

Six business and thought leaders select their most significant developments over the past decades – and forecast what the business landscape might look like in the future.

Life at 50: An age when some are just getting started

Fifty. It’s an age that tends to focus the mind: a milestone moment that forces us to take stock of everything we’ve achieved in our lives.

Delivered. gets soulful with Ken Allen

He’s a renowned turnaround expert, credited with successfully transforming DHL Express after the 2008 global economic crisis. Media pundits and employees also love him for something else – his love of song. The “singing CEO” Ken Allen, who now heads DHL eCommerce Solutions, talks about how music makes all the difference, even in business strategy.

What’s the story, Ms. Eiman?

Named after British singer Sade, Sade Eiman is one of the newer members of the DHL family. With the company for two years, she is a customer service agent at DHL Express South Africa who makes customers happy with a tune and feels connected to colleagues across the world via DHL’s Certified program.


Three young men and an old two-door Plymouth Duster formed the humble beginnings of DHL. Their mission was straight forward: The team would drive themselves around the streets of San Francisco collecting paper documents…

Milestone Moment

DHL celebrates 50 years of business

As DHL turns 50, it has retained its agility, passion and “can do” spirit. That makes us proud, and is one more reason to look into the future with confidence and optimism. In fact, we believe that core parts of our DNA – the drive to promote global exchange, leverage new technologies and embrace sustainable solutions – will also be essential for shaping a better planet.

This special anniversary issue of Delivered. is not just about us. It takes a look at the evolving business landscape over the past 50 years, focusing on key industries that have been vital to our success. It honors trailblazers throughout the ages. And it takes a glimpse into the next 50 years. In addition, it reflects on the meaning of success – then, now and in the decades to come.