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Best of Delivered. 2019

In each issue of our magazine we aim to offer you insights, trends, news and views from across the world, covering both business and logistics topics. Allow us to begin 2020 with a review of the most read articles from Delivered. in 2019.

5 Things you didn’t know about the all-new DHL Americas Innovation Center: A Q&A with Matthias Heutger

The all new DHL Americas Innovation Center opened to the public on September 12, 2019 and has welcomed a steady stream of customers and employees since – over 1100 and counting – in fact.

The benefits of globalization – and why you shouldn’t take it for granted

Globalization has affected the world on so many different levels that you might not have even noticed it – yet pretty much everything moves around the world because of it: goods, services, data, ideas, people, technologies...

The customer in control: Where next for the automotive industry?

Traditional automotive marketing approaches are running out of road, forcing carmakers to explore new routes to their customers’ minds, hearts and wallets.

Customer centricity in automobility sector requires changes in logistics

Three questions to Fathi Tlatli, President, Global Auto-Mobility Sector, DHL.

Power to the People’s Car: Volkswagen’s insights on the digital transformation of the supply chain

The world’s biggest carmaker is introducing new digital approaches across its logistics activities.

Digital Dichotomy: 5G or Wi-Fi? What is the future of vehicle-to-vehicle communication?

Technology standards really matter when you pick the wrong one. Ask anyone whose wedding was recorded on a Betamax video cassette...

Bytes on the brain: Can artificial intelligence make better decisions in business?

AI both simulates and expands human intelligence. But what will the workplace look like when smart machines and algorithms take the helm and make increasingly complex decisions about our everyday lives?

Road to Riches: Will a new $14.5 bn road network boost Colombia’s economic growth?

Colombia is pushing forward on a $14.5 billion road-building project to boost domestic and international trade. As businesses draw on a well-trained workforce and bet on e-commerce to expand sales, the project is key to growing Latin America’s fourth-biggest economy.

Hello, bio: What’s the future of fuel? Can soy and sugar cane provide sustainable alternatives for transport?

Innovative ideas about harvesting agricultural waste and carbon from the atmosphere aim at creating new, greener energy sources – could power fuels and biofuels meet our growing energy needs?

Race to innovate: Jaguar’s new electric-powered race cars set to thrill audiences as I-PACE eTROPHY Championship kicks off

The second season of the Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY Championship commences in November, when electric battery, zero-emission Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY race cars will go head to head over ten races in some of the world’s most celebrated cities.

Are you talking to me? How an honesty policy can improve workplace relationships

The truth can hurt, but it’s vital for good business communication, efficient office workflow and achieving success. So how do you create office openness and honesty – especially across cultural divides – without ruffling feathers?

Delivered. accelerates AI with tech prodigy Alexandr Wang

Alexandr Wang – a tech prodigy and college dropout – has founded a $1-billion dollar Silicon Valley company at the forefront of the AI and machine learning revolution.

The vital importance of supply chains in our lives

Supply chains are the central nervous system of the economy, and in aggregate underpin the advanced lifestyle that we enjoy in Western nations.

Driving force

How customers are steering change in the car industry
Is your company customer-focused? Of course it is. These days, all companies have to put their customers at the center of everything they do – and firms in the automotive sector are no exception.

As you’ll read in our Auto-Mobility Focus, car manufacturers are changing their traditional marketing approaches in order to attract buyers and maintain their competitive position, using emerging digitalization to increase customer satisfaction.

Big changes are also happening in Colombia, which is seeing a surge in entrepreneurship. Our Country Focus finds Latin America’s fourthlargest economy attempting to boost its domestic and international trade with a multibillion-dollar road-building program, support for its blossoming startup scene and an increased focus on e-commerce.