FIA Formula E Championship

Combining the dash and panache of motorsports with ground-breaking green credentials, the FIA Formula E Championship is the world’s first fully electric car-racing series. Launched in 2014, this riveting race series sees drivers compete in innovative, single-seater, open-wheel cars which are exclusively battery-powered.

As a Founding Partner and Official Logistics Partner, DHL instinctively understood Formula E’s vision from the start. Both Formula E and DHL are committed to driving progress in sustainability and e-mobility and both share a pioneering spirit - something deeply ingrained in DHL’s DNA.

Just as Formula E breaks new ground on the race track by running environmentally sustainable vehicles, DHL was the first global logistics company to set an ambitious climate protection goal: to optimize its carbon efficiency by 30% by the year 2020.

As Official Logistics Partner, DHL is responsible for all logistical moves for the 10 competing teams and Formula E’s travelling infrastructure. To deliver Formula E around the world as efficiently as possible, whilst also minimizing the Championship’s carbon footprint, DHL has designed a specially tailored multi-modal approach, complementing air transport with rail, road and sea routes.

The 2016/17 Championship includes 12 races on five continents, showcasing the thrills of electric motorsport in some of the world’s most spectacular cities. Visiting several major cities for the first time, this will be the biggest season yet, covering ever further ground. From the streets of Hong Kong and New York with their cloud-skimming skyscrapers to the historic cityscapes of Brussels and Marrakech, providing logistics for these races is no mean feat. Often working within severe time constraints with limited space for manoeuvre, the unparalleled experience of the DHL Motorsports team is crucial when it comes to delivering cars to downtown locations.

To highlight awareness of environmental responsibility, DHL has launched its own eChampions program. eChampions celebrates and rewards the behind-the-scenes heroes of Formula E, who, through forward-thinking ideas are helping to build a more sustainable future for everyone.

Formula E provides a vision for inner city mobility and is inspiring global audiences to address energy conservation and sustainability, through its use of ground-breaking technology. By partnering with DHL, Formula E have proved themselves as innovative in transportation and logistics as in their use of electric-powered cars. If further proof were needed, the partnership was recognized with the International Sponsoring Award 2016 in the ‘Innovation’ category.

As a Founding Partner, DHL helped bring this innovative and thrilling urban spectacle to life, and we are immensely proud to be part of Formula E’s extraordinary journey.

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