Whether you are looking for a work placement as part of your degree course, or a structured Graduate Program for after your studies, DHL Supply Chain has a number of different Programs to offer.  

We are committed to bringing in and developing talent across all levels of the organization.  The roles & opportunities available with DHL are as diverse as the people who perform them.  Many of our employees spend their careers in various roles working their way up through different departments and divisions (and sometimes different countries too).  We think this says a lot about the sort of company we are and it’s something of which we’re exceptionally proud. 

Why do we recruit Graduates?

To help us continue to grow and drive our business forward, we invest a significant amount of time, effort and attention in our graduates – who we truly see as our leaders of the future.  

With us, not only will you be developing your knowledge and understanding of the logistics industry, but you will also grow both professionally and personally.  From the moment you start with us, you will be given real responsibility – whether that’s for people, budgets, projects or processes.  They all need to be managed effectively to ensure we continue to drive our vision of being “The Logistics Company for the World”. 


UK Finance Graduate Program

Understanding the numbers, to support business decisions, through accounting, control & compliance activities.

UK Future Leaders Program

New for 2019! Developing our future leaders today. This program is all about leading our business and our people.

UK Business Technology Graduate Program

Working with our business and customers to deliver the best possible IT solutions, products & services.

UK Human Resource Graduate Program

A career in HR is about supporting the business, to drive success through our biggest asset – our people.

UK Procurement Graduate Program

Most of the learning occurs on the job, when graduates are faced with real life daily challenges and responsibility. 

UK Global Forwarding Program

The DGF UK Graduate Program places you in a variety of management roles across our international Logistics Freight Forwarding business.

What to do next?

We will be opening applications for our Graduate Programs on the 24th September 2018.

For any questions regarding our DHL Supply Chain Graduate Programs take a look at our FAQ page.
For any other questions please contact us:

Application Process

Like many other companies, DHL has a specially designed graduate recruitment process to select the most suitable candidates for our Programs.  We believe that all stages of our recruitment activities are a two way process; for us to see whether you are suitable for the roles you have applied for, and for you to understand whether DHL is the right organization for you.  

1. Application 

Once you have decided which Program to apply for you will need to complete an online application. You will be asked to enter personal details, together with qualifications and work experience. You will also be asked some specific questions relating to the minimum criteria for the Program so please ensure you meet these before applying. You will need to provide proof of these at a later stage so please answer honestly

2. Strengths Journey

Once you have completed the application stage, you will be progressed to our DHL Strengths Journey. This is designed to assess how you would handle situations that you would encounter in the role you are applying for. It has been developed as a bespoke tool for DHL and is based on real life situations which our graduates have experienced.

3. Video Interviewing

If you pass the DHL Strengths Journey, you will then be invited to complete a video interview. The purpose of the video interview is for us understand your motivations for working for us at DHL. It also gives us the opportunity to find out more about you and your experience.

4. Experience Day

Following the video interview, if you are successful, the final stage of the process is the experience day. Preparation is key but it is also important that you are yourself and show us who you really are! We will provide you in advance the details of what to expect. 

We wish you the best of luck and to begin the process, please Apply Here.

DHL UK and Ireland Supply Chain Graduates - Where are they now?

  • What was your favourite experience or memory during the Graduate Program?

    My most valuable experiences were the placements where I was given real responsibility, with the opportunity to add value.  I made lots of mistakes, but I learned lots too.

    What makes the DHL Graduate Program unique?

    We attract a really diverse set of graduates and not all of them have studied Supply Chain & Logistics degrees. I'm not aware of other programs that can offer the breadth of experiences we can.

    How has being a part of the DHL Graduate Program helped you accomplish what you have with your career?

    Being a DHL graduate has it’s greatest impact on your career in the first two years when you receive great training and experience varying learning situations. You will build up contacts and knowledge in how to take control of your own career and future development.

    What is an average day for you in your current role?

    As a Projects & Implementations Director, I am lucky because I think I have one of the best roles in the Company. No day has ever been the same in my current role and I find it rewarding, however it can also be highly pressured.

    What advice would you give to our future graduates?

    Make the most of your Graduate Program, don’t pass on any opportunities that come your way. Be positive through the tough times, and always challenge the status quo.

    What type of person do you think is the right fit for DHL?

    We can teach people processes all day long, our business is full of process, but I hope we also recruit for talent in people skills, as ultimately it’s people who deliver everything we do.

  • Why did you choose the DHL Graduate Program?

    The reputation of both the company and the program, and scale of opportunities. I completed a degree in Logistics & Supply Chain Management so the most well-known 3PL in the UK seemed like a good place to start my career. I was fortunate enough to have completed a work experience placement with the wider DHL business during a summer break from university, which sparked my interest in the management development programs further.

    What was your favourite experience or memory during the Graduate Program?

    There were many great memories but my favorite has to be when we organized a community project in collaboration with the education trust. We had to raise funds, organize, and facilitate a weekend of outdoor activities for a group or children from the local area. It was challenging as the teachers and graduate program coordinators just left us to it but it was really rewarding and we had such a good laugh.

    What makes the DHL Graduate Program unique?

    Flexibility. It is what you make of it and if you push and maximize ever opportunity available you'll get the chance to prove your capabilities with abundant support. If successful, you can often steer the direction of your work activities and the initiatives you get involved with, which is great.

    What is your current role in DHL?

    As a Senior Central Launch Manager within Automotive, my role is mainly focused around the co-ordination of site launch program activities to ensure successful launch program implementation and delivery. I'm basically responsible for the change management for new vehicle models and certain significant operational changes.

    How has being a part of the DHL Graduate Program helped you accomplish what you have with your career?

    Undoubtedly the program has provided me with ample opportunities to develop and establish new relationships. Combined with the great support of various mentors and colleagues, I've managed to demonstrate my capabilities within a variety of roles and environments and that versatility has enabled me to progress further.

    What advice would you give to our future graduates?

    Make the most out of every opportunity that comes your way, especially when it comes to meeting new people. My last 2 roles came about through word of mouth and relationships I'd established previously.  Never be afraid to ask, if you are interested in something or think you can be of benefit to the business then suggest it.

    What type of person do you think is the right fit for DHL?

    Anyone with a positive 'Can-Do' attitude.

  • What makes the DHL Graduate Program unique?

    Variety - the ability to vary roles and subsequently understand the areas of the business that really lend themselves to your skills and interests. Throughout, no area of the business is off limits, really allowing you to explore the world of DHL Supply Chain.

    How has being a part of the DHL Graduate Program helped you accomplish what you have with your career?

    Being part of the Graduate Program has allowed me to obtain a foot hold within the business and gain contacts in various areas of the business. In addition, it has also allowed me to obtain my current role and I can now call upon all my contacts to seek advice on solutions for my customers.

    What advice would you give to our future graduates?

    The real way of making the Graduate Program work for any future grads would be to jump in, and not shy away from any opportunities that appear. The Graduate Program is really about spending your time understanding and exploring the business, as when it finishes, the challenge then becomes finding the time to do just that!

  • Why did you choose the DHL Graduate Program?

    I was working for a small company as part of a project team who were outsourcing their logistics operation to DHL.  I really enjoyed the experience, especially the interactions with the DHL team and this led me to becoming interested in working for the organization.  When a member of their team suggested I apply for DHL's graduate program it was a no brainer.

    What makes the DHL Graduate Program unique?

    It gives people a good core understanding of our operations, so that every graduate can really get to understand what we actually do.  It also allows you to move around the business and experience different areas/functions, which I found invaluable.

    What roles have you had with DHL since being on the Graduate Program?

    I started as a Customer Service Manager and then moved from DHL Supply Chain to become a Senior Account Coordinator for the International Supply Chain department within DHL Global Forwarding.  I moved back to DHL Supply Chain and had a regional role governing IT related projects across our European region.  My fourth job was as a Project Manager for a large internal Human Resources transformation program.  I then moved to be the Project Manager for the closure of our final salary pension scheme. I progressed into a Program Management role for our UK Finance Transformation Program and after this, I decided that a complete change of direction might be good thing and moved into a HR role as the Head of Emerging Talent within DHL Supply Chains Talent Centre of Excellence, UK.

    How has being a part of the DHL Graduate Program helped you accomplish what you have with your career?

    Coming up through the graduate program helped me realize that ultimately you have control of your own development.  You are given many opportunities on the program, but it is down to you to work hard, deliver results, prove yourself and then strive to continue to develop.

    What advice would you give to our future graduates?

    If you have made it onto the graduate program then you have obviously done something right already!  Now it's time to take the opportunities and make the most of them.  Don't sit around waiting for other people to look after your development, you are responsible for your future, no one else!  If I could go back in time I wish I had realised this sooner.

    What type of person do you think is the right fit for DHL?

    Someone who is adaptable to change and someone who has high levels of resilience because some operational environments are highly pressured with a lot of responsibility. So long as you can demonstrate that you're invested in our core values and are prepared to work hard, the opportunities that working for a global organization brings, are endless.

  • Why did you choose the DHL Graduate Program?

    My degree was in Business Studies, specializing in operations management and so operations was always something I had a passion for when I was younger. Being able to apply what I learnt at university into my everyday work was a real driver to apply for the DHL Graduate Program.

    What was your favorite experience or memory during the Graduate Program?

    Whilst I enjoyed all 3 of my placements, I learnt a lot about myself whilst on placement within a frozen foods warehouse. Not only was it a tough working environment (cold!!) it was a national distribution center so the operation was intense and this was my first real insight into a 24/7, 365 day warehouse.

    How has being a part of the DHL Graduate Program helped you accomplish what you have with your career?

    The program gave me such a great foundation to work across a number of operations, in different sectors, but most importantly allowed me to network so effectively across our business. Networking is absolutely key from a personal development and career perspective, and the program really does support graduates through this forum of learning.

    What is your current role in DHL?

    I have recently moved into a new role as a General Manager. We have a great team that have seen the contract we are working on go from strength to strength during its 8 years in DHL Supply Chain. We cover 17 workshops across the contract, but ultimately deliver ordered product to prisoners across the UK's prison network. Prior to this I spent 7 years working on our airline catering accounts in Passenger Gateway.

    What type of person do you think is the right fit for DHL?

    The great thing about our business is that everyone is different, that is what makes us the best. However, to grow your career in our business you will need to be hardworking, flexible and willing to listen.

    What advice would you give to our future graduates?

    Always ensure you get a firm operational grounding and understanding. This has been pivotal to my career progression in recent years, and I have no doubt will continue to be so.

  • Why did you choose the DHL Graduate Program?

    I served in the Merchant Navy prior to completing my degree in Global Business & Logistics so I already had some experience working in an industry responsible for transporting cargo around the world. DHL appealed to me because I wanted to work for a global company that could give me exposure to supply chain operations within a variety of different industries.

    What was your favourite experience or memory during the Graduate Program?

    One of the most rewarding moments for me happened during my second placement when I was a shift operations manager on a Passenger Gateway account within our Supply Chain Services business area. It was the go-live of a buy-onboard catering model and I had spent the previous few months on the project team responsible for re-modelling the entire operation to accommodate this major change in our service. We had worked hard to overcome a number of issues preparing for this transition and, when the go-live day came around, it was up to us to change the whole warehouse operation overnight. The first days and weeks after go-live were hard work and many long hours spent ironing out the bugs and stabilising the new operation but we got through this period and never failed to deliver on our customer's expectations. The camaraderie in the team was awesome and we all shared a great sense of pride in having successfully brought off this major change.

    What makes the DHL Graduate Program unique?

    The great thing about DHL is that, thanks to its varied customers, it plays a key role in the supply chain management of a huge number of different industries from manufacturing to FMCG to airline catering. Graduates that complete the program will usually experience at least two placements working with very different customers giving them exposure to, not just one type of logistics operation, but a variety of environments. This gives you an invaluable breadth of experience as your career base.

    What is your current role at DHL?

    Towards the end of my second placement, I had the opportunity to join DHL's APAC (Asia-Pacific) division. I am currently based in Singapore and working as an operations manager.  Our customer produces semiconductors for a range of markets. It is DHL's job to warehouse their product and process customer orders for global shipment. I lead a shift of 50 warehouse operatives including 3 team leaders and am responsible for day-to-day warehouse operations, resource planning and people management in a partly-automated 100,000 sq. foot distribution centre. I also play an active role in performance management, championing health & safety and in managing the profit & loss financially of the site as a whole.

    What roles have you had since joining DHL?

    My current role as operations manager in Singapore is my first off the Graduate Program. While on the program, I completed my first placement as a freight planner within Automotive in the European LLP team where I was able to implement cost-downs and drive efficiency in the collection network. My second placement put me onto the warehouse floor as a shift operations manager in Passenger Gateways. In this role, I ran a shift of around 30 colleagues and joined the project team responsible for re-modelling the operation to accommodate buy-onboard catering.

    What type of person do you think is the right fit for DHL?

    It takes individuals from all walks of life to make up this organization and the right person would have to be enthusiastic about working with and engaging people from very different backgrounds. They must also be resilient in their approach and be able to view every new challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow. It is hard-going at times but well worth it when you come out the other end and look back on all the knowledge and skills you've developed.

    What advice would you give to our future graduates?

    Treat these 2 short years as a learning curve and build up as much experience as you can. It's okay to make mistakes as long as you can learn from them and keep sight of the developmental aspect. Volunteer to get involved in as many projects as you can keep up with. Put in a few extra hours in the office now and then and get exposed to different aspects of your operation. The experiences you have on the program are an asset that can only make you a stronger leader.

  • Why did you choose the DHL Graduate Program?

    I didn't know much about logistics but have always found it interesting so wanted to learn more. DHL is a global company and a market leader so had great career and development opportunities to offer. Also, to have the option to study for further qualifications during the program really attracted me.

    What is your current role in DHL?

    HR Business Partner (HRBP) - After the Graduate Program my first role was as a HR Change Partner, for 18 months. Then I did a 6 month secondment as a HRBP, and then this role was made permanent. My responsibilities include being accountable for delivering the people strategy for our public sector business unit, which involves meeting external customers and making sure everything we do is ethical, legal, moral, social, and commercial. The main challenges I face in this role is trying to be different and coming up with innovative people solutions to maximise performance, whilst always ensuring I manage people appropriately to ensure we remain employer of choice.

    What type of person do you think is the right fit for DHL?

    Someone who is focused on respect and results, understands and embraces diversity, and is committed to excellence. They must have a drive to succeed and progress in the business. Also, someone who believes and follows our 5 core competencies: Making customers more successful, Shaping direction and strategy, Driving high performance, Developing yourself, and Developing others.

    What advice would you give to our future graduates?

    Be open minded about the placements you do. Some may not seem relevant at the time but they do give you a complete picture of what the company is about, and this is important. Listen more than you speak, be humble and respectful. It is important to focus on building relationships at work. Also, don't be afraid to say you don't understand or to ask for support. A lot of graduates want to prove themselves by taking too much on but it is important to know what is a priority and what isn't - saying no is a key learning point!



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