DHL International (UK) Ltd - Skills Funding Agency Subcontracting Agreement

Sub-Contracting Policy Skills Funding Agency Apprenticeship funding 

  1. Reason for sub-contracting
  2. The typical percentage range of fees retained to manage subcontractors, and how we calculate this range
  3. How and when the policy is communicated to and discussed with current and potential subcontractors
  4. The support subcontractors will receive in return for the fee we charge
  5. Payment terms between us and our subcontractors; timings of payments in relation to delivering provision and timescales for paying invoices and claims for funding received
  6. Policy review
  7. Where the policy is published
  8. Fees & Charges

1. DHL International (UK) Limited subcontract the accreditation and any skills gap training identified between our own extensive training and the national occupational standards to approved training providers. The partners are appointed after completion of our own procurement process. The decision to subcontract these elements was taken following a review of the funding model and our understanding of our strengths within the apprenticeship strategy in that we are an employer and whilst we have blended learning/training for all our roles from induction to senior level we do not have depth in the assessment of vocational training. Therefore we subcontract that part along with administration functions.

2. Subcontractors are engaged contractually with a back to back contract having the same clauses and contingencies as our contract with the Skills Funding agency to ensure continuity to learners and legal recourse should the need arise. The percentage retained by DHL international Limited is ten percentage points.

3. This is noted in the contract and discussed during the procurement procedure, before the contract is issued. The amount was based on the need to offset a proportion of the cost of the programmeme that were identified with Administration, development and improvement whilst ensuring the amount did not deter quality partners from applying for the procurement process.

The retained amount is utilised to support the administrative requests from Skills Funding Agency along with offering support to unfunded learners to achieve a qualification. The fund is utilised to widen the experience of learners by supporting teams and individuals to enter various competitions and external development opportunities. (Such as the Brathay Challenge, City & guild Connect)In addition the apprenticeship manager supports the subcontractor with any challenges from learners.

4. We hold monthly contract meeting with our subcontractor wherein continue improvement is an agenda item we have aligned our management training to the diploma and certificate in management ensuring that the leaning journey is maximised for the benefit of the leaner. Safeguarding along with performance is reviewed at this meeting and action plans jointly agreed to resolve matters.

5. As per the contract we agreed to pay invoices submitted along with supportive documentation PDFR and year to date funding tracker in 30 days net of invoice received 

6. Contracts are set for funding years and this policy is reviewed at the renegotiation stage of the subcontractor contract 

7. This policy is published on our website If the link isn’t working you can go to , Careers, Students, Skills Funding Agency Subcontracting Agreement 

2016 / 2017 Fees and Charges

During this year we contracted with EQL Solutions only. Their UKPRN number is 10044028. The contract started from 01.08.2016 and is valid until 31.07.2017.

They are engaged to provide 16 to 18 year old apprenticeship and Trailblazer standards. 

8. Funding 2016 / 2017
Funding received: £112,511
Subcontractor for 16 to 18 year olds: £88,760
Trailblazers standard: £12,500
Retained DHL: £11,251

Responsible for this information: HR Learning & development UK