Uncontrollable circumstances like heavy storms or road closures can strech supply chains to their breaking point. If the influx of necessary goods slows to a trickle, productions stops, loss of revenue and even serious damage to the reputation lurk just around the corner. To avert this danger from the outset, for the future Evonik Technology & Infrastructure GmbH will rely on the know-how of DHL Resillience360.

The risk-management solution Resilience360 provides real-time analysis of problems that vessels, trains or trucks can encounter along their transport routes after setting out from Evonik locations around the world. On this basis, the software proposes countermeasures – such as whether and how the supply chain’s resources can be redistributed in order to minimize or completely avoid damage. For this purpose, the platform connects information regarding natural disasters and socio-political or other risks to Evonik’s global production and distribution network.