Today’s customers are always on the go and want their products faster and cheaper than ever before. Global interconnectedness is growing. That’s why you need a powerful, international network to manage your supply chain.

With 360,000 people in over 220 countries and territories worldwide, we’re reaching more people than ever. And, as we’re already thinking about what the world in 2050 might look like, we’re preparing for the logistics challenges that lie ahead.

Because we’re not only delivering packages. It’s our goal to bring joy and prosperity to the people we serve. Everywhere. Every day.

Custom Logistics Solutions around the World

Whatever the challenge, we’re on top of it. Decades of experience, innovative technology, and a team of 360,000 passionate experts allow us to provide the perfect logistics solution for your business needs. See some of our bespoke shipping solutions below.

Some of our Special Deliveries

DHL transports everything, from cute and cuddly to out of this world. 

DHL Aims For the Moon

DHL was founded in 1969, the year of the first moon landing. Now we’re looking to the moon again. In cooperation with Airbus, we’ll be providing logistics services for space robotics company Astrobotics – and create the first lunar delivery service.

DHL Celebrates the Perfect Delivery

DHL, the world’s leading international express delivery provider, has celebrated the perfect delivery in June. “Over the last few years, DHL Express has made a number of investments in our global network to consistently improve our service quality,” said Ken Allen, CEO, DHL Express.

DHL Sends Team to Ecuador After Earthquake

After the South American nation was struck by a magnitude-7.8 earthquake, we sent a Direct Response Team to Manta in Ecuador. We’re providing the United Nations with pro bono logistics support to quickly get vital supplies to the people in need.

A Global Family

The DHL family is composed of independent divisions that are connected by the same core values, principles, and a common management approach. This way, we can offer a wide range of products, solutions and services to suit your logistics needs.

The Deutsche Post and DHL form the world’s leading mail and logistics group. Together, we have an unrivalled portfolio of standardized products and innovative custom solutions. And with our Strategy 2020, we commit to becoming the company that defines the logistics industry.