If you're not sure which tracking system to pick, you can also enter your tracking number to search the entire DHL Tracking world on this tracking page.

Freight eTools

  • Benefit from our Lead Time Calculator and find out Transit Time from postcode to postcode.

  • Our eShipping tools enable you to easily manage your entire shipping process around the clock at your convenience.

    Use of eShipping tools requires registration and a user ID. Please get in touch with your local DHL Freight.

    DHL Intraship

    Used in continental European countries.

    Web-based shipping processing system for small and medium-sized organizations that require a standardized, reliable online shipping solution for any volume.

    • One easy-to-use shipping management solution, configurable to your business needs and available in 12 languages
    • Provides visibility and control over shipments generated by several departments or multiple sites
    • Shipment history inquiry, including tracking capability
    • Standardize your automated shipment processes

    Requires user ID and registration, please get in touch with your local DHL Freight.

    DHL Multishipping

    Used in Scandinavian and Baltic countries.

    All businesses with regular road freight shipping needs.

    • Comprehensive, 24/7 administrative control of your road freight shipments
    • Fully scalable and can be readily adapted to suit the growing needs of your organization
    • Broad range of services from online booking and shipment consolidation to track & trace and full statistical reporting

    Requires user ID and registration, please get in touch with your local DHL Freight.

    EDI Booking

    Medium and large organizations with high shipment volumes.

    • Efficient shipment booking
    • Full shipment visibility (Track & Trace)
    • Fast and reliable e-invoice information
    • Technical support
    • Full transparency across all your DHL shipments
    • Fast deployment and simplified integration
  • DHL Active Tracing
    DHL Active Tracing provides our customers:

    • Full event scanning history, dates and locations from collection to delivery
    • Comprehensive shipment information
    • Direct shipment web link for you and your customers

    EDI Status

    A status report message will be sent to a customer (or any other third party) to report

    • the transport status and/or
    • a change in the transport status (i.e. event) of the consignment
  • DHL Freight
    Customer Mobile Application

    Welcome to the DHL Freight Customer Mobile Application - offering you a fast and simple way to perform your most frequent freight tasks: tracking a shipment, getting transit time estimates, contacting  customer service, and finding relevant information about our services. That includes updates on logistics news, all on the go! The app is currently available in English, with other languages soon to follow.

    • Tracking – get international and domestic shipment status events with no login-in required. Simply enter your DHL Freight Order code or Domestic Consignment ID. You can also use the Scan Barcode feature to track Click to find more information onlicense plate IDs, which are located on the bottom of DHL Freight shipping labels.
    • My Tracking History - store the tracking numbers you entered or scanned into your phone so you can view new status on your shipment without reentry.
    • DHL Freight Facilities – locate DHL Freight location locations in over 30 countries across Europe. The app allows you to find the closest facilities to your location and get driving directions.
    • Transit time – lead time calculator offers estimated lead time on international LTL and Groupage shipments, enabling you to plan shipments up to 8 weeks out.
    • Contact Us – speak or email DHL Freight Customer Service specialists in your country.
    • Home Bar – offers information about DHL Freight products and services. You can also learn about the App data privacy and terms and condition.
    • Newsfeed – get updated on DHL Freight and logistics news.

    Download the DHL Freight mobile applications for iPhone and Android:

  • eBilling is the process of replacing paper invoicing/manual spreadsheets with billing invoices sent electronically to the customer or to their chosen third party provider, such as a Freight Payment Provider (FPP) or Post Auditor.

    eBilling benefits:

    • Streamlines the administration process
    • Cost-efficiency savings over manually prepared documents
    • Environmentally-friendly solution
    • Reduction of the billing/payment cycle

    If you would like to learn more, get in touch with your Contact your local DHL Freight.

  • Sometimes several shipments use the same tracking number. If that is the case, we display the first ten results. Please try using a pieceID / container number if available, or Click here tocontact us.