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Providing high quality products, ensuring patient safety and compliance with new regulations are just some of the challenges facing the Life Sciences and Healthcare sector.

Providers need to adapt their supply chains to confront these challenges.

At DHL we meet these challenges head on - collaborating and innovating solutions in partnership with you.

Life Sciences & Healthcare Products & Solutions Transport

DHL has a wide range of transportation options for the specific needs of the life sciences and healthcare industry.

Warehousing Solutions

Life-science-graded regional hubs to safely store products close but outside target markets.

Life-science-graded forward stocking/ free trade zone locations in selected markets.

A global network of facilities focused on Life Sciences and Healthcare, over 140 life-science-graded and GDP-certified facilities in 40 countries. 10+ GMP facilities world-wide providing value added services optimizing the flexibility and agility of you supply chain.

Management Services

  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce costs with a broad range of fully integrated, strategic, end-to-end sourcing and procurement solutions. Taking full advantage of DHL's global procurement expertise, world-class processes, supplier relationships, and leverage as a large buyer, our comprehensive outsourced "source-to-contract" service includes:

    • Global procurement strategy development
    • Organization design, training and transformation
    • Category expertise and supplier sourcing
    • Ethical and sustainable supply chain management
    • Contract and supplier performance management
    • Purchase-to-pay activities
    • Inventory management, including demand planning, optimization and finance

Integrated Solutions

  • Bypass traditional distributors and trade directly with your healthcare customers with a direct-to-market solution. Our standardized fulfilment and distribution services, which are fully integrated with both multi-channel order management and accounts receivable capabilities, include:

    • Standardized warehousing management
    • Ambient and temperature-controlled facilities
    • Single- and multi-location storage and inventory management
    • Integrated transportation management with domestic and international shipping
    • Full order-to-cash B2B solution
    • Customer service support
    • Real-time order and shipment tracking with proof of delivery
    • Delivery and returns order management
    • Pre-built integration capabilities that reduce implementation time and cost
  • Transform your supply chain with help from DHL as your Lead Logistics Partner, leveraging our expertise in the following areas:

    • Design - Ensure that your transport and supply chain processes flow as efficiently as possible with DHL's expert knowledge and innovative analysis tools
    • Management Services - Source logistics providers, manage suppliers and handle your customer touch points with our management offering, which also provides for freight bill, audit and customs services
    • Operations - Gain visibility, synchronize transport and minimize daily operational risks with our unique Control Tower offering
    • Continuous Improvement - Drive end-to-end visibility with our "Total Logistics Cost Management" approach, which helps you minimize costs with an ongoing analysis of changing market requirements, volumes volatility and evolving supply chain management trends


    This premium management service caters for temperature-sensitive goods in pre-launch, launch and distribution stages. It provides post-shipment diagnostics, FMEA and auditing, cold chain optimization and data analysis services on all modes of transportation via the DHL and non-DHL network.

Sector Expertise


Increasing regulatory requirements – notably on temperature management/ cold chain, globalization, cost pressure and need to differentiate service levels are impacting the pharmaceutical supply chains in fulfillment, clinical trials and returns…

Specific challenges and priorities may differ between biopharmaceuticals, high value specialties, vaccines, biosimilars, small molecule innovative drugs, generics or over the counter (OTC) products.

The broad portfolio of DHL specific solutions provides a choice fitting your specific needs.

Medical Devices

Increasing complexity, globalization, cost pressure, regulatory/ trade requirements, need to differentiate service levels and last mile/ channel options are impacting the medical device and medtech supply chains in fulfillment and aftermarket/ returns…

Specific challenges and priorities may differ between orthopedics, cardiovascular implants, capital equipment and spare parts, diagnostics and consumables.

The broad portfolio of DHL specific solutions provides a choice fitting your specific needs.

Clinical Trials

Increasing need for flexibility and speed, regulatory requirements, cold chain, globalization and cost pressure are impacting the clinical trial supply chains…

Specific challenges and priorities may differ between inbound to investigator and outbound to lab, product/ placebo, ancillaries and documents as well as therapeutic area and clinical stage.

The broad portfolio of DHL specific solutions provides a choice fitting your specific needs.

Hospital & Health Services

The growth of private healthcare, in particular in emerging economies, and the increased pressure on health service expenditure have resulted in a greater focus on costs in delivering patient care. DHL can help improve the efficiencies and significantly impact the overall performance of a hospital or group. Additional services include procurement, inventory tracking and patient transport.

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