We stand on the foothills of a transformational era in human history. Artificial intelligence (AI), for many years a topic for science fiction, is playing an increasingly influential role in our day-to-day lives. So much so that many consumers do not realize that AI is integral to many products and applications they already use. AI provides a huge opportunity as it leaps from consumer segments to enterprises and onward to the industrial sector and logistics.

AI in Logistics

The performance, accessibility, and costs of AI are now more favorable than ever before thanks to major advances in big data, algorithmic development, connectivity, cloud computing and processing power. Logistics is exceptionally well placed to take advantage of this, providing a natural framework for implementing and scaling AI, amplifying the human components of global supply chains. Download this report to discover how AI could change your world.

Questions answered in this report:

  • What is AI, and what does it mean for your organization?
  • What best practice examples from other industries can be applied to logistics? 
  • How can AI be used in logistics to reinvent back office, operational, and customer-facing activities
This collaborative report from DHL and IBM explores how AI could significantly augment current logistics activities from end to end.

What can AI do for you?

As masses of data from a variety of sources are exposed to and processed by AI, logistics will become more proactive and predictive. Networks can be orchestrated to an unparalleled degree of efficiency and the industry will redefine its behaviors and practices, taking processes from manual to autonomous and services from standardized to personalized. The Internet of Things (IoT) will feed into AI based systems, collecting large heterogeneous datasets from vast fleets of disparate devices for AI to make sense of and learn from. 

Looking to the future

As logistics leaders continue their digital transformation, AI will become a bigger and inherent part of day-to-day business, accelerating the path towards a proactive, predictive, automated, and personalized future. However, AI it is not without its challenges and business, society, and government bodies will need to develop standards and regulations to ensure the continued progress of AI for the benefit of humanity.

to understand how AI can be used in logistics for:
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Download this reportArtificial Intelligence Trend Report to understand how AI can be used in logistics for:

  • Back Office AI
  • Predictive Logistics: The Next Operational Paradigm
  • Seeing, Speaking & Thinking Logistics Assets
  • AI-Powered Customer Experience