Press Release: São Paulo 02/08/2018

  • Ÿ DHL Global Forwarding for the first time joins its sister business units – DHL Express and DHL Supply Chain – winning the certification this year
  • Ÿ Present in more than 100 countries, the Top Employer certification recognizes the company’s ongoing commitment to employee development
  • Ÿ DHL is the only logistics company in Brazil to receive the Top Employer recognition in 2018

DHL, the largest logistics group in the world, has earned the Top Employer certification for its three divisions operating in Brazil: DHL Express, DHL Global Forwarding and DHL Supply Chain. The divisions, ranging from express shipments, freight management and supply chain logistics, storage and distribution, employ together more than 10,000 people in the country. DHL is the only company in the logistics sector that received the Top Employer certification in Brazil this year.

Offered by the Top Employer Institute - a Dutch organization founded in 1991 and present in more than 100 countries - the certification aims to recognize companies for their working conditions and good practices of people management. The process to obtain the certification is quite rigorous and Top Employers must demonstrate the highest standards of employee offerings and have a forward-thinking human resources environment. The latest DHL division to receive the Top Employer certification is DHL Global Forwarding. The division attributes such achievement to the consolidation of HR practices from the Deutsche Post DHL Group, as well as to three key factors: structured programs for attracting, evaluating, and developing talent, conducting organizational climate surveys, and adopting an internal certification program for technical training in logistics and leadership development.

”We are thrilled to receive this distinction for the first time, and the accomplishment was hard won and well earned. We know from experience that employees who are inspired and fulfilled in the workplace are best able to deliver excellence to customers day in and day out,” said Luciana Ezequiel, director of human resources for DHL Global Forwarding. “The certification shows that we are achieving one of the strategic pillars of the Deutsche Post DHL Group - to be the first choice of professionals who wish to work in the logistics market and to support them in their professional growth.”


DHL Supply Chain received the Top Employer certification for the second consecutive year in Brazil. Specifically, the division stood out for its approach in the areas of talent strategy, leadership development, career management and succession, and learning and development. DHL Supply Chain conducts a series of programs to enhance the career development and engagement of its staff. The internal training program for Supply Chain specialists offers employees the opportunity to expand their knowledge in all areas of Supply Chain: from transportation to storage and administrative areas. Another key process that accelerates employee development and growth is job rotation. Given its size, DHL Supply Chain always offers new challenges and opportunities for all levels of the organization, generating very positive results.

“We are very pleased to receive this certification. Our team is the heart of our business, and investing in them is investing in our future,” said Eduardo Batista, vice president of human resources at DHL Supply Chain. “In addition, this certification is fully aligned with our growth strategy, which is only possible through qualified, trained, and motivated people who are willing to give their best and sustain our growth.”

Among the units, DHL Express has been consistently certified as Top Employer in Brazil since 2015. With the motto “The best day is every day,” the division has just launched a new office in São Paulo, with facilities that include decompression room, milk dispensary, thematic cafeteria and private telephone booths, in addition to nutritionists and massage services. “Our facilities reflect that DHL is a company that prides itself on its history but is also prepared for the future,” said Kelly El-Kadi, human resources director at DHL Express. “Certification is important to us because it reaffirms that we are on the right track in terms of people management, resulting in motivated employees to deliver a high quality service and win the loyalty of our customers.”

Being certified year after year is a constant innovation challenge for DHL Express, as each certification raises the bar for achieving excellence. According to El-Kadi, since the first certification in 2015, new investments and initiatives have been developed including functional career plans, more robust recognition platforms, strong leadership development, and greater employee involvement with business strategy and priorities.