Press Release: São Paulo 02/10/2017

  • For the first time in history, a division of DHL focused on the distribution and management of supply chains received the Top Employer certification in Brazil
  • This certification, present in more than 100 countries, recognizes the best working conditions and good practices of people management in companies

DHL Supply Chain - the world leader in logistics, warehousing and distribution - received the Top Employer 2017 certification in Brazil. Offered by the Top Employer Institute - a Dutch entity founded in 1991 and present in more than 100 countries - the certification aims to recognize companies by their working conditions and good practices of people management. With more than 8,000 employees throughout Brazil, this is the first time that DHL Supply Chain - a logistics operator focused on product distribution and supply chain management - is certified in Brazil.

According to Eduardo Batista, vice president of Human Resources at DHL Supply Chain Brazil, “We have invested heavily in the consolidation of a solid and balanced corporate culture and practices that value the central role of the employee. This vision has translated into programs, trainings, and other initiatives that have helped us to successfully go through an economically challenging year, as well as to maintain an encouraging work environment reflected in the certification.”

The process to obtain the certification is quite judicious and involves completing extensive questionnaires, sending documents, undergoing interviews and even paying face-to-face visits. Almost 600 practices are evaluated, subdivided into eleven key topics.

According to Top Employer Institute report, DHL Supply Chain excelled in the criteria "Social Responsibility", "Talent Strategy", "Engagement Research", "Employee Value Proposition" and "Career Management and Succession ", presenting also a good score in the items "Workforce Planning” and “Leadership Development".
For example, since 2014 the company has been working on a new methodology which incorporates known techniques for revision and improvement of processes in a complete and comprehensive cycle that has brought concrete results on several fronts.

Other key aspects are specialized engagement and training of employees, strengthened by the CSCS (Certified Supply Chain Specialist) platform. At the same time, corporate volunteering projects such as the Formare (logistics professional training for needy youngsters), the Dhedicar (school reinforcement and introduction into the labor market for adolescents living in poor communities), and the Volunteer Month, reinforce the relationship with the community, educational support and the preservation of the environment, three major pillars of the social responsibility of DHL. There are many spontaneous actions led by different collaborators all over Brazil, which impact the lives of thousands of people throughout the country, reflecting a more collaborative and humane work environment.