Press Release: São Paulo 06/02/2017

The Center will enable consumers to share prototyping technologies, as well as collaborative robots aimed at providing greater operational efficiency

DHL Supply Chain, world's leading distribution and warehousing company, launches its first Multiclient Packaging Center (secondary packaging) in Brazil. Also known as copacker, the secondary packaging consists in the production of an additional packaging for a product, a set of products, with or without gifts, for promotional or general communication purposes. The Center, first of DHL in Brazil with the capacity to serve several customers from different markets, will develop kits, perform prototyping, manage involved items, assembly items, and pack items in boxes and pallets for storage and distribution.

Initially, there are 7 production lines with the capacity to assemble up to 3 million kits per month, with flexibility to expand in the short term. The Multiclient Packaging Center is located in Guarulhos, close to the International Airport, with a dedicated area of 3.8 thousand m², complete infrastructure and capacity of up to 2.5 thousand pallet positions.

According to Maurício Almeida, Operations Director at DHL Supply Chain Brazil, “the Center launching is part of the strategy of DHL to offer services with greater added value, which strengthen the supply chains, thus helping our customers to overcome the challenges of the current economic scenario. The Center will enable the production of low- and medium-volume kits at competitive costs by leveraging gains in scale with the combination of different customers and segments, and through increased productivity and efficiency in the transportation and storage of products. The Brazilian consumer, in general, appreciates this promotional strategy, which has been even more explored in the last two years.” Maurício Almeida also adds that, in other cases, the kits work as an intermediate phase of more complex production processes (as is the case of the automobile industry) or relationship strategies as is the case of assembling uniform kits for aerial company employees.

The Multiclient Packaging Center is designed to extract the highest logistic efficiency from the design of the kits, as well as from the manufacturing process in the production lines. It all starts with the customer's initiative to create a kit with a specific product or group of products, with or without a gift. DHL develops solution alternatives based on the company's national and international experience in several markets, taking into account factors such as material, sustainability, cost, productivity, etc., and such solutions are submitted for prior approval by the customer. After this first endorsement, a prototype is made using a plotter printer with cutting knives and a 3D printer.

“These features greatly facilitate this stage of the process, preventing the product from going back and forth many times in the production line. For example, the customer can digitally send us the specifications of the product in question, from anywhere in the world, or pass it on a 3D scanner. Then we print it to assemble the first test,” explains Maurício Almeida. With this data – and some other specifications – volumetric, weight, stacking and packaging simulations are carried out with the kits developed in master boxes, pallets and trucks, with the aid of a specialized software. Other specifications such as need for temperature control, sanitary standards and layout format at the point of sale are also taken into consideration.

Then we have the improved design, which is submitted for the customer's final approval. Then, the detailed specification of the work is defined, which passes to the production line according to the stipulated schedule. “In this process, the products' time to market - as well as the products' costs - decrease a lot, with the guarantee of alignment to the visual communication of the client. This is a very important factor, since the secondary packaging becomes the first point of contact with the end customer,” says the director at DHL Supply Chain.

At the Multiclient Packaging Center, DHL will also offer services for the Development of Secondary Packaging, Assembly and Disassembly of Packaging and Kits, and Rework and Labeling for the Nationalization of Imported Products (activity highly demanded by multinationals in general). In the Packaging activities, several technologies will be applied - such as shrink, inkjet, sleeve, bags, cartridges, etc. - as well as tagging and labeling of products and packaging. Also noteworthy are the automatic and semiautomatic labeling machines, as well as the use of robots for product handling, in some cases.

Target markets for this solution are the companies in the areas of Consumer Goods and the Automotive, Energy, Technology, and Healthcare industries, as well as publishers and media outlets (newspapers, magazines, etc.). The Multiclient Packaging Center starts operating in June.