Press Release: Sydney 06/19/2017

Known family brand Clorox has selected DHL Supply Chain, the world's leading logistics provider, as its supply chain partner of choice for distribution and delivery across Australia. The partnership forms part of Clorox's strategy to focus on customer service, innovation and consistency to remain competitive in the industry.

Clorox's decision to outsource its warehousing operation was prompted by a need for a more standardised and customer-centric approach. DHL Supply Chain provided an optimal balance of speed and cost-effectiveness, ensuring greater flexibility in meeting customer demands whilst taking the stress of distribution out of the company and managing the day to day logistics.

"We were looking for a partner who understands its customers' business and responds quickly. We were impressed that as the largest logistics business, DHL Supply Chain proved to be nimble allowing a seamless, simple and no-fuss service model desired by companies like Clorox. DHL Supply Chain has enabled us to maintain high levels of speed, reliability and quality control in our logistics processes, allowing us to stay competitive in the industry and help transform our end-to-end logistics operations," said Mike Fraser, Regional Logistics Manager, Clorox.

"Our goal is that when a customer reaches for a product at the supermarket, it's there. With DHL Supply Chain, we are confident that all of our products will be delivered on time and in full. We continue to look to them as a logistics partner of choice for future growth," he continued.

DHL Supply Chain implemented a range of warehouse and supply chain improvements to Clorox's operations across Australia, including warehousing, value added services (VAS), and inventory reduction. This helped Clorox improve productivity by developing a more flexible operating model.

"The implementation of the 3PL service provided to Clorox has been achieved in just over three months, a process that would traditionally take six. Each customer DHL works with is partnered with a team that identifies not only the operational needs of the business but the overarching outcomes that influence their end-customer's satisfaction," said Saul Resnick, CEO, DHL Supply Chain Australia and New Zealand.

"For fast moving consumer goods businesses, the logistics process is critical as consumer purchasing decisions are largely based on availability. We ensure all stock is delivered to stores when promised and with as little manual intervention as possible," he concluded.