We welcome you back to those that managed to enjoy some leave as we jump straight into 2018. 

This year education remains a strong focus for us and we aim to keep you up to date with the latest in the Industry, kicking this off will be our first webinar in February of an overview of Chain of Responsibility  and your obligations.   

Then from the end of February through to March we are holding Trade Compliance Education Breakfast across the country where a range of expert speakers from Australian Border Force, Hunt & Hunt and your DHL Global Forwarding team will update you on key developments for importing and exporting of your goods.

Thank you for your ongoing support and feedback.

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Chain of Responsibility: Everyone’s Responsibility

Why has Australia introduced legislation to share responsibility for Heavy Vehicle compliance across all parties in the supply chain and what impact does this have on your supply chain?  To help answer these questions join our Free Education Webinar on 22 February, 2018 at 11:30am (AEST).

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Trade Compliance Breakfast Briefing

DHL has gathered together a knowledgeable group of experts update you on the latest Customs and Trade Compliance issues in 2018. This face to face session hosted by DHL and held in four locations around Australia will cover a range of topics from important issues on trade and goods compliance, regulatory changes that will affect the Import and Export communities, the latest on Australian Trusted Trader and general industry trends.

  • Whether you are new to importing and exporting or keen to find out the latest opinion from the experts these sessions will be a key education event to attend. Joining each session will be like minded importers and exporters which provides a good opportunity to network with your peers in a relaxed setting whilst enjoying some breakfast or ask the presenters and DHL staff any questions you may have.

    Details of Speakers: 

    Australian Border Force - Compliance Group

    The Trade and Goods Compliance Group help develop solutions to emerging and existing trade and goods compliance issues. 

    Senior management of the Australian Border Force (ABF) will discuss the most important issues of the day in trade and goods compliance.

    Hunt & Hunt

    Hunt & Hunt Lawyers are customs and global trade specialists with a strong focus on helping clients proactively manage customs risks and opportunities, adopting broad commercial and legal perspectives.

    Presenting on regulatory changes that will affect the Import and Export communities in the near future, from illegal logging to general compliance.  

    Australian Border Force - Australian Trusted Trader

    Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) saves your business time and money, while assisting the ABF in securing the border. 

    Hear from the ABF representatives to find out how Australian Trusted Trader benefits can save your business time and money.

    DHL Global Forwarding 

    DHL Global Forwarding is located in all capital cities of Australia with over 800 employees and over 90 qualified customs brokers managing the logistics requirements of a diverse range of clients. This breadth of knowledge and scale ensures that DHL can assist you on providing you the right compliant, consistent and simplified solution to your logistics requirements. 

    Keep a lookout for your invitation. For advanced registration, please email usundefined



DHL Global Trade Barometer

The DHL Global Trade Barometer for January 2018 indicates that global trade will continue to grow within the next three months. On its initial release, the index scored 64, is slightly below the values calculated for previous months. That means that world trade is still considered to be in an expansive mode, but growth loses momentum. The decline is due to weakening prospects for Chinese and Japanese trade, which is only partially offset by improved prospects for India, South Korea and Great Britain.

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Customs Updates

  • Do you import chemicals? The rules are changing in 2018 for their importation to Australia.
  • New emissions standards for non-road spark ignition engines and equipment imported to Australia in 2018.
  • Do you Import Chemicals?  NICNAS is changing in 2018

    The National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) is a mandatory reporting body for all importers of chemicals no matter the quantity being imported and they are changing the rules in 2018.

    Industrial chemicals include inks, plastics, adhesives, paints, glues solvents, cosmetics, soaps and many other products. Importers and their products must be registered prior to importation. An annual report on the products and the quantities imported is also required.

    This reporting and process is additional to the Border Force clearance and can only be undertaken by the Importer of Record, DHL can only advise on this process, we cannot facilitate the process for you.

    From 1 July 2018, NICNAS rules are changing and any importers of chemicals subject to the scheme not registered may face high penalties in addition to having their goods siezed at the border. 

    What should you be doing now?

    • Register with NICNAS.
    • Check your chemicals on the Australian Inventory of Chemicals Substances on their website.
    • Make sure you meet the conditions listed
    • Obtain any necessary permits.
    • Record the chemicals and quantities imported for your annual report

    Registration is easy and all the information required is available on the NICNAS website

    New Emissions Standards in 2018

    Commencing 1 July, 2018 new emissions standards will be passed relating to the importation of non-road spark ignition engines and equipment (NRSIEE).

    The types of products included in the new standards are small engines for lawn and ride on mowers and similar garden equipment, generators, pumps, auxiliary engines on boats and similar personal watercraft.

    The Department of the Environment and Energy will conduct audits post-importation to verify the information provided on the Import Declaration is correct and penalties will apply to those providing incorrect or misleading information. Importers should provide their Broker with certification that demonstrates compliance with the emissions standards on a product level upon each importation.

    The Department will be conducting training and information sessions in early 2018 that will cover

    • The emissions standards.
    • The types of products covered by the standard.
    • The information required for certification.
    • Your obligations on reporting and record management

    Find out more information on the new standards

Ocean Market Trends and Updates

  • Container space availability on vessels to Australia continues to be in short supply and is expected to remain so until the middle of February.
  • Chinese New Year to impact  transhipment services from Europe via Singapore and Port Kelang.
  • All import of hazardous shipments to South China restricted during February.
  • Asia to Australia

    The space situation from Asia is still very tight the situation is not expected to improve until mid-February after the Chinese New Year.

    More blank sailings have been announced for the first quarter of 2018.

    Early booking are recommended for all origins, this space situation is not expected to improve for at least the next 3-4 months.

    During this period shipping lines will also try to optimize their profitability and will therefor always prioritise higher paying freight. If a container is urgent and must meet a transit time a higher rate will need to be accepted to ensure priority is received. 

    Europe to Australia

    Transhipment services from Europe via Singapore and Port Kelang will also be impacted by the Chinese New Year.

    We recommend that all customers discuss their space requirements with your DHL Global Forwarding customer service representative at least 2-3 weeks prior to the intended sailing date otherwise space / equipment cannot be guaranteed and delays may occur.

    Australian Port Charges 

    We have been advised that Australian Port Charges are expected to increase for all carriers. The increases and effective dates will vary from carrier to carrier.

    Operational Restrictions of Dangerous Goods during Chinese New Year

    All import of hazardous shipments to South China, including Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan and Fujian Provinces will be prohibited from 1 February, 2018 through to 23 February, 2018 including, but not limited to the following ports: 

    • Guangdong Province (Pearl River Delta): Dongguan / Doumen / Fangcun / Foshan / Gaolan / Gaoming / Taishan / Heshan / Huadu / Huangpu / Huizhou / Jiangmen / Joaoxin / Jiujiang / Lianhuashan / Mafang / Maoming / Nangang / Nansha / Qingyuan / Rongqi / Sanbu / Sanshan / Sanshui / Shantou / Shenwan / Shunde / Taiping / Wanzai / Xiaolan / Xinhui / Xintang / Yunfu / Zhanjiang / Zhaoqing / Zhongshan / Zhuhai
    • Guangxi Province: Behai / Fangcheng / Guigang / Qinzhou / Wuzhou.
    • Hainan Province: Haikou / Yangpu.
    • Fujian Province: Fuzhou / Quanzhou / Weitou.

    Feeder services covering the above mentioned ports will be temporarily suspended for the acceptance of hazardous shipment from 1 February, 2018 to 23 February, 2018. Demurrage and detention charges, if incurred at transshipment port, will be for the account of cargo owners. 

    For main ports in South China (including Hong Kong, Yantian, Shekou, Chiwan, Da Chan Bay and Nansha), the import operations remain unaffected.

Ocean Freight - Online Sailing Schedules

For the latest Import Sailing Schedule or Export LCL Sailing schedule see the following links

Import FCL Sailing Schedule link

Europe Asia North America

Export LCL Sailing Schedule link

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